Ready for Cobots?

Ready for Cobots?


Advance collaborative robots  (cobots) are developed to operate in a small area, quick set up duration, and touch sensing. High flexible assembly and portable machine.

Our cobots are widely applied for integrated automatic production lines, such as screw driving, glue dispensing, precision assembly, palletizing automation, pick and place. 

At TSM Robotics Automation, we are dedicated to bringing the safe, user-friendly, and competitive collaborative robots to businesses of all sizes.

Why choose Collaborative Robots?

Touch Sensing

With cobot, touch is combined with automation to simplify many applications for the human. CoBots enable humans and robots to work perfectly. 

Space Saving

Lightweight cobots are designed to share a flexible workspace with humans, making automation easier than ever. Cobots operate without safety fencing. 

Easy Setup

JAKA collaborative robot can be set up and programmed within days to weeks. It can be remote monitoring and remote assistance with a wireless connection.

ROBOTICS AUTOMATION Here are some tasks that you can work with a cobot using the sense of touch.


Accurate assembly processes such as screw driving, nut driving, components assembly, and programmed installation increase production speed.

Quality Inspection

Automating quality inspection with minuscule deviancy, providing the finest settings for inspection or testing. Identify defective and faulty parts at the end of the production line.


TIG welding, MIG welding, spot welding, arc welding. Collaborative robots reduced downtime, increase production, and reduce material wastage.

Glue Dispensing

Consistent flow and precisely programmed cobots to deploy gluing, sealing, and dispensing tasks.

Pick & Place

Through the multiple axes, cobots are ideal for pick and place tasks that will greatly free up human labor.

Packaging & Palletizing

Collaborative robots prepare product shipment, including wrapping, box assembly and loading onto pallet.

JAKA Cobots Promote Smart Factory

JAKA Cobot integrated advanced robotic and automatic technologies, have been widely applied in 3C electronics, automobile, and parts, medical devices, household appliances, education, and revolution businesses.

Range of Industries

Medical Devices
  • Increase productivity for medical device manufacturing.
  • Assemble components, complete injection molding with extremely heat-sensitive components. 
Automobiles & Parts
  • Reduce labor costs and increase productivity with flexible production line solutions.
  • Using vision to weld the material to the positive and negative electrodes at the back end.
  • 6 axis cobot is ideal to manipulate a circuit board in multiple axes.
  • Cobot can cover on the chasis and drive screws.
  • Wireless connection facilitating teaching & demonstrations.
  • Open structure of the programming software and hardware.


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