Flexible Industrial Logistics Solution for Smart Warehousing & Manufacturing

Automating tiered warehouse, smart in/out-stock and intelligent material delivery, the flexible intralogistics help manufacturer to succeed in many aspects.

Using autonomous mobile robots, manufacturers will break through the barriers between intelligent logistics and automatic production.

It will break up the lines between the silo structures of production lines, workshops, and departments, to adapt to actual processes and processes while realizing visual and controllable data and helping to build an integrated intelligent factory.

Industry Applications

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) applies SLAM/ Natural Navigation technology. Requiring no reconstruction on the workspace, compared with traditional AGV (automatic guided vehicle), AMR performs intelligently on obstacle avoidance, route adjustment, and mission management, supporting carries lifting, towing, or transportation, to achieve automated factory and warehouse logistics automation.

Material Handling & Transportation

Unmanned forklift for smart warehousing. Adaptable in diverse scenarios and confined workspace, with multi-sensors, including laser radar, 3D camera and safety rim, to ensure 360°safe operation and consistent efficiency improvement.

Healthcare & Disinfection

Based on an AMR, the disinfection robot integrates UV lamps, fogger, and dust filter to efficiently perform indoor disinfection, featuring its strong performance in obstacle avoidance, instant path adjustment, and automatic charging. To fight against COVID-19, and has been applied in hospitals, malls, airports, and other public areas for unmanned disinfection.

Smart Intralogistics Solution


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