LMR (Latent Mobile Robot) is a leading mobile robot product characterized by its lifting mechanism. LMR has an optimized motion performance and enhanced safety protection. It helps customers create a safer working environment and more cost-effective productivity.


General Properties         Dimension L*W*H (mm) 940*650*253
Rotation diameter (mm) 996
Lifting height 60
Ground clearance (mm) 25
Lifting Pad size (mm) 750*60
Lifting motor Electric
Weight (kg) 135
Rated load (kg) 600
Navigation 2D code


Safety Protection     Laser obstacle avoidance Available
Sound light alarm Available
Laser width indicator Optional
Side protection Optional
Rear protection Optional
Bumper strip Front/Rear
Scram button Front/Rear


Motion Performance       Rated speed (mm/s) 2000
  Angular accuracy (°) +-1
  Position accuracy (mm) +-10


Battery Performance       Endurance (h) 8
  Charging time (h) ≤1.5 (after deep charging)


High-performance, Safety and Multiple Types

  • Multi-certifications
  • Full range safety protections
  • Flexibility
  • Wide application