LMR (Latent Mobile Robot) is a leading mobile robot product characterized by its lifting mechanism. LMR has an optimized motion performance and enhanced safety protection. It helps customers create a safer working environment and more cost-effective productivity.

General Dimension L*W*H (mm) 750 x 540 x 300
Rotation diameter (mm) 780
Lifting height (mm) 70
Ground clearance (mm) 30
Lifting pad size (mm) 728 x 540
Lifting motor Electric
Weight (kg) 128
Rated load (kg) 300
Navigation SLAM/2D code
Screen Available
Safety Protection Laser obstacle avoidance Available
Sound-light alarm Available
Laser width indicator
Side protection
Rear protection Optional
Bumper strip Front / Rear
Scram button Front / Rear
Motion Performance Rated speed (mm/s) 1500
Angular accuracy (°) ±1
Position accuracy (mm) ±10
Battery Performance Endurance (h) 8
Charging time (h) ≤1.5 (after deep discharge)


High-performance, Safety and Multiple Types

  • Multi-certifications
  • Full range safety protections
  • Flexibility
  • Wide application