Basic Performance
Radar Layout Single Radar (Forward)
Navigation Mode Laser SLAM
Dimensions (L*W*H mm) 1010*625*1435
Single Roller/Conveyor Payload (kg) 50
Weight (kg) 200
Movement Performance
Max. Speed (m/s) 1.5
Gyration Radius (mm) 560
Corridor Width (mm) 750
Positioning Accuracy (mm) ±10
Precise Docking Accuracy (mm) ±5
Ground Clearance of the First/Upper Layer Rack (mm) 1000 (Automatic Adjustment in the range of ±30mm)
Ground Clearance of the Second Layer Rack (mm) 300 (Automatic Adjustment in the range of ±30mm)
Max. Height of Material Box/ Bin/ Magazine (mm) 580
Endurance Performance
Endurance Time (h) 8
Charging Time (h) 1
Charging Mode Automatic/Manual/Battery Replacement

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Automatic Material Delivery for SMT Production

Suitable for the transfer of material frames/ boxes/magazines between the SMT unloader and loader on the workshop production line. Upper and lower layers can be adjusted based on the height of the production line. It can be adapted to magazines of various sizes at the same time. One robot can meet the requirements of different production lines in the same factory site.

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