Basic Performance
Radar Layout Single Radar (Forward)
Navigation Mode Laser SLAM
Dimensions (L*W*H mm) 1160*660*2550
Single Roller/Conveyor Payload (kg) 50
Weight (kg) <400
Movement Performance
Max. Speed (m/s) 1.67
Gyration Radius (mm) 590
Corridor Width (mm) 800
Positioning Accuracy (mm) ±10
Precise Docking Accuracy (mm) ±5
Height Range of Stocking (mm) 300~1800
Time Cost of Each Picking-up and Releasing Process (s) 5~8
Max. Dimensions of Material Box/ Bin/ Magazine (L*W mm) 600*460 (Width Direction is Adjustable)
Endurance Performance
Endurance Time (h) 8
Charging Time (h) 1
Charging Mode Automatic/ Manual/ Battery Replacement


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Automatic Line-side Storage

Fits in Multi-size magazines. Suitable for handling and picking warehouse material boxes/frames in different scenarios. Highly flexible and easy to maintain, it can directly pick and place material boxes/frames on shelves and corresponds to existing warehouse configurations.

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