Due to its lightweight design, high flexibility and small size, the Mech-Mind Mech-Eye Nano can be installed on a variety of different robot arms (cobots, mobile manipulators, etc.). The camera is especially suitable for applications in small spaces.

Another special feature is its high precision: the Mech-Eye Nano camera produces excellent point clouds. This feature allows the robot to adapt to applications that require high accuracy., such as assembly, high-precision gripping, and inspection.

High performance

The three-dimensional point cloud is calculated with high precision on the vision controller or directly on the camera. We guarantee consistent performance even after many 10,000 hours of operation.


The Mech-Mind solutions can be easily implemented in almost any working environment. All system components and interfaces are seamlessly integrated together and are compatible with the robots of almost all manufacturers. This allows you to achieve your return on investment (ROI) in a short time.

Plug & Play

Mech-Mind Robotics’ industrial solutions include everything you need for your individual automation needs. Simply connect the Mech-Eye 3D camera to the vision controller and start Mech-Eye Viewer to start taking your first images. Automatic routines for exposure or camera calibration, make it even easier for you to get started.

Wide range of cameras

Our focus is on 3D. With a wide range of intelligent camera models for 3D imaging, we meet requirements for all conceivable applications in automation. And all this with just one vision controller.

Enhanced option

Small components require high accuracy even at longer distances. Choose the Enhanced Option and benefit from increased camera resolution.