Gulf Series Stacker Forklift

Automatic Pallet & Goods Recognition

Gulf series smart forklifts enable unmanned warehousing and manufacturing logistics, adaptable in the confined workspace and diverse scenarios. Integrated multi-sensors, including laser radar, 3D camera, and safety rim, the smart forklifts provide 360°safety protection around the robot.

Gulf-1400-CDD can be used for the automatic transfer and handling of block palletized goods between different cargo locations.
It features a maximum payload of 1.4 tons and a right-angle turning channel width as low as 1.8 m, which can be flexibly applied
to the confined workspace.

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Gulf -1400 Specification

Basic Performance

Radar Layout

Multi-Radar (Front and Rear)

Navigation Mode Laser SLAM

Overall Dimensions (L*W*H mm)

Fork Dimensions (L*W*H mm)

55/180/1150 (Customization Supported))

Weight (kg)

Payload (kg)


Lifting Height (mm)

1600 (Customization Supported, Up to 3000mm)

Movement Performance

Max. Speed (m/s)

1.39/1.67(Full/No Load)
Min. Turning Radius (mm)

Min 1180

Width 1 of Right-angle Stacking Channel (mm)

2070(Pallet Dimensions: 1000*1200mm,1200 across fork placement)
Width 2 of Right-angle Stacking Channel (mm)

2130 (Pallet Dimensions: 800*1200mm,1200 along fork placement)

Positioning Accuracy (mm)


Endurance Performance

Endurance Time (h)

Charging Time (h)


Charging Mode

Automatic/ Manual


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