Versatile Manipulator for all Welding Applications.

Achievement of motion performance that excels competitors for the improvement of productivity and welding performance

  • Increase of the maximum speed by up to 40% reducing the tact time of robot movement!
  • Smoother movement for Arc start point improving the welding performance of the arc starting point!
  • Decreased number of maintenance parts by motor standardization!

OTC Daihen Arc Welding Robot FD-V8

  Structure   Vertical articulated type
  Number of Axes    6
  Max. Payload Capacity   8 kg
  Positional Repeatabilty    ±0.08 mm (note1)
  Drive System   AC Servomotor
  Drive Capacity   3016 W
  Position Feedback   Absolute Encoder
  Working Range   Arm   J1 (Rotation)   ±170° (±50°) (Note 2)
  J2 (Lower Arms)   -155°~+90°
  J3 (Upper Arms)   -170°~+190°
  Wrist   J4 (Swing)   ±180°
  J5 (Bending)   -50°~+230°
  J6 (Twist)   ±360° (Note 3)
  Maximum Speed   Arm   J1 (Rotation)   4.19 rad/s {240°/s} (3.32 rad/s {190°/s}) (Note 2)
  J2 (Lower Arms)   4.19 rad/s {240°/s}
  J3 (Upper Arms)   4.01 rad/s {230°/s}
  Wrist   J4 (Swing)   7.50 rad/s {430°/s}
  J5 (Bending)   7.50 rad/s {430°/s}
  J6 (Twist)   11.00 rad/s {630°/s}
Wrist Allowable Load   Allowable Moment   J4 (Swing)   17.6 N·m
  J5 (Bending)   17.6 N·m
  J6 (Twist)   7.8 N·m
  Allowable Moment of Inertia   J4 (Swing)   0.43 kg·m²
  J5 (Bending)   0.43 kg·m²
  J6 (Twist)   0.09 kg·m²
  Arm Cross sectional Area   3.11 m² x 340°
  Ambient Condition   Temp : 0 to 45℃, Hmd:20 to 80% RH (No Condensation)
  Mass ( weight )   140 kg
  Upper Arm Payload Capacity   10 kg (Note 6)
  Installation Type   Floor, wall, or ceiling
  Paint Color   White (Munsell notation 10GY 9/1)