HIKRobot Forklift Mobile Robot (FMR) focuses on the automatic transfer of standard bins/pallets. It adopts high precision laser SLAM navigation, vision navigation, which realize high positioning accuracy of up to ±5mm.


General Properties Dimension L*W*H (mm) 1775*940*2130
Weight (kg) 750
Rated load (kg) 1400
Load center (mm) 600
Forklifting height (mm) 3000
Height of mast, extended (mm) 3435
Fork dimension s*e*l (mm) 60*180*1150
Fork spread (mm) 600/Customizable
Pallet size (mm) 1200*1000
Navigate Laser SLAM
Screen (in) 11


Motion Performance Laser obstacle avoidance Available
Automobile data recorder Optional
Bumper strip Available
Pallet in-position detection Available
Fork infrared sensor Available


Battery Performance Scram button Available
Caution light Available


Safety Protection Sound-light alarm Available
Rated speed (mm/s) 1200
Position accuracy(mm) ±10
Angular accuracy (°) ±1
Driving mode Steering wheel driving, forward,
backward, rotation, arc.
Min. aisle width (1200*1000 mm pallet) (mm) 2200
Endurance (h) 6-8
Charging time (h) ≤3 (after deep discharge)


Others Pallet recognition Optional
Visual code reading Optional
Controllable fork
RFID reader Optional
Fork customization Optional
Mast customization Optional


High Stability, Self-adaption and Efficiency

  • Adaptable to different carriers
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency