CTU (Carton Transfer Unit) is an automated unmanned picking and handling robot. It can transfer multiple goods simultaneously which improves the picking efficiency and storage capacity.


General properties  Dimension L*W*H (mm) 1730*950*4565
Weight (kg) 820
Rated load (kg) 30*7 or 50*5
Ground clearance (mm) 20
Lifting height (mm) 270-4000
Adaptable tote dimension (mm) (400~600) *400*(120-420)
Navigation 2D code/SLAM
Screen Optional


Safety Protection Laser obstacle avoidance Available
Side protection Optional
Rear protection Optional
Bumper strip Available
Scram button Available
Sound-light alarm Available


Motion Performance Rated speed (mm/s) 1500
Positioning accuracy (mm) ±10
Angular accuracy (°) ±1
Max. actuator lifting speed (mm/s) 500
Actuator lifting accuracy(mm) ±2
Max. actuator telescoping speed (mm/s) 1000
Min. aisle width (mm) 1100
Rotation diameter (mm) 1850


Battery Performance Endurance(h) 6-8
Charging time(h) ≤1.5 (after deep discharge)


CTU (Carton Transfer Unit) provides:

  • Flexibility & accuracy, strong compatibility
  • High storage capacity with super-high pickup
  • Double-stretch Pickup
  • Flexible Cargo Selection
  • Cargo Inspection