Hikrobot CMR/HMR (Conveyor/Heavy-duty Mobile Robot) series can fulfill automatic docking requirements in various scenarios, with self-developed multiple lifting components.


General Properties         Dimension L*W*H (mm) 1525*1200*705
Rotation diameter (mm) 1880
Transfer method Chain (one layer)
Ground clearance (mm) 25
Weight (kg) 550
Rated load (kg) 1200
Navigation 2D code
Screen (in)


Safety Protection     Front protection Laser
Rear protection
Side protection
Bumper strip Available
Scram button Available
Sould alarm Available


Rated speed (mm/s) 1000
Angular accuracy (°) +1
Position accuracy (mm) +-10
Driving mode Forward, backward, rotation
Feeding speed (mm/s) 150
Cargo height (from ground) (mm) 590


Battery Performance       Endurance (h) 8
  Charging time (h) ≤1.5 (after deep charging)


High-performance, Heavy-duty, Safety and Multiple Types

  • CMR/HMR (Conveyor/Heavy-duty Mobile Robot) series covers the conveyor type and lifting type.
  • Conveyor & Transmission Series support docking with machine, transmission line or tooling mechanism to fulfill the automated production needs. It has been optimized the obstacle avoidance, positioning accuracy and material testing.