Hikrobot CMR/HMR (Conveyor/Heavy-duty Mobile Robot) series can fulfill automatic docking requirements in various scenarios, with self-developed multiple lifting components.


General Properties         Dimension L*W*H (mm) 1250*743*1243
Rotation diameter (mm) 1396
Transfer method Rollers (two bins one layer)
Ground clearance (mm) 25
Weight (kg) 315
Rated load (kg) 2*100
Navigation SLAM
Screen (in) 4.3


Safety Protection     Front protection Laser
Rear protection Ultrasound, Infrared
Side protection Ultrasound
Bumper strip Available
Scram button Available
Sould alarm Available


Rated speed (mm/s) 1000
Angular accuracy (°) +1
Position accuracy (mm) +-10
Driving mode Forward, backward, rotation
Feeding speed (mm/s) 300-400
Cargo height (from ground) (mm) 1117 / 541


Battery Performance       Endurance (h) 8
  Charging time (h) ≤1.5 (after deep charging)


High-performance, Heavy-duty, Safety and Multiple Types

  • CMR/HMR (Conveyor/Heavy-duty Mobile Robot) series covers the conveyor type and lifting type.
  • Conveyor & Transmission Series support docking with machine, transmission line or tooling mechanism to fulfill the automated production needs. It has been optimized the obstacle avoidance, positioning accuracy and material testing.