TSM Robotics supplies AGV, mobile robots, and machine vision products to Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Our R&D team has been involved in multiple innovative industries, including intralogistics, smart warehousing, smart manufacturing, and smart factories. Adhering to the advanced technology, TSM Robotics commits to continuously leading the intelligent manufacturing process.

Supply HIK AGV & Mobile Robot

With efforts in robotic technologies, TSM Robotics provides customers with leading mobile robot products and solutions. Our company has researched and developed an intelligent warehouse robot system for Industry 4.0. Focused on mobile robots, it has launched a series of products, Latent Mobile Robots (LMR), Conveyor/Heavy-duty Mobile Robots (CMR/HMR), Forklift Mobile Robots (FMR), etc. These products are widely applied in 3C, automobile, manufacturing, e-commerce logistics, 3PL, food, and pharmaceuticals. Our AGV and intelligent robot solutions help you simplify intralogistics flow, reduce costs, and reform the logistics process.


Self-guided vehicles or autonomous guided vehicles, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are material handling systems or load carriers that travel autonomously throughout a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility, without an onboard operator or driver.

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