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About TSM Robotics Automation

TSM Robotics Automation Sdn Bhd was founded in 2014, Collaborate with JAKA, THE WORLDWIDE COBOT INNOVATOR. JAKA stands for “Just Always Keeping Amazing”. JAKA robotics is a high-tech robotics automation company aiming at innovation and R&D for a new generation of collaborative robots (cobots) and smart factories.

TSM Robotics is on a mission to “Free Your Hands”. We are in accordance with spirits of dedication, professionalism, and originalism to spread the sparkle of wisdom to every corner of the Earth, and facilitating enterprises striding into Industry 4.0.

Robotics Application

Auto Mobile Robot (AMR)

Laser SLAM navigation technology in Oasis and automatic mobile robot (AMR), applies to manufacturing, production, material handling & delivery

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Servo Electric Grippers

Robotic grippers for assembly, pick & place, machine tending & experimental teaching in semiconductor, industrial electronics, precision, packaging…

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Welding Robotics

Provide highly customizable welding robots to major industries, automotive welding, metalworking, manufacturing, electrical, and electronics.

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Explosion Proof Robots

Industrial robotics arms specially developed with an explosion-proof design that will suit robotic painting applications.

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Collaborative Robot

Advance collaborative robots ( cobots) are developed to operate in a small area, quick set up duration, and touch sensing. High flexible and portable machine.

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Welding Machines & Technology

Welding Product Range
Services & Maintenance


Robots and cobots are making automation easier than ever, cost-effective, safe working environment, and super flexible to deploy even for small and mid-sized companies.

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    988FM invited Mr. Barry, CEO of @TSM Robotics Automation Sdn Bhd, to talk about the development of robotic arms in the industry. Have you heard of robotic arms? What are the benefits of using a robotic arm? This week’s “《企业新思维》”, 988FM invited Mr. Barry, CEO of @TSM Robotics Automation Sdn Bhd, to talk about the

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  • 6 ways that JAKA cobots enhance smart production

    JAKA Cobots have continuously led the trend of robotics development, and are recognised as one of the most versatile and flexible cobots. What exactly are JAKA Cobots, and how do they enhance your automation production processes in manufacturing? These images detail their characteristics and advantages.

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  • 7 types of Robotic Welding Processes & their usage

    1. Arc Welding Heat is created from an electric arc to melt and join metals together in applications calling for high accuracy and repeatability. 2. Resistance Welding This is the most cost-saving form of robotic welding where metal parts are joined together by heating with an electric current and is best for heat-treating projects. 3.

    May 4, 2021
  • 6 Truths About Cobots that you might not know

    When considering automation in production and manufacturing, the buzz about cobots are hard to ignore. If the concept of collaborative robot is new to you, here are some truths about cobots to help get you started..

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